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These include changes on Wilson Avenue, Hidden Valley Road, Old Carriage Drive, <br />Sienna Street,Autumn Hill Crescent,andDeKay Street. Key maps for each location are <br />attached for reference. <br />The financial implications areapproximately $3,900 <br />Ward 3 - Wilson Avenue bylaw changes will improve intersection sightlines <br />Ward 3 - Hidden Valley Road bylaw change is safety related and on an unpopulated <br />segment of roadway. <br />Ward 4 - Old Carriage Drive bylaw change is required to align with new signage <br />previously installed toimprove driveway/intersection sightlines <br />Ward 5 - Sienna Street bylaw change is bylaw clean up and does not result in loss of <br />street parking. <br />Ward 7 - Autumn Hill Crescent bylaw change is safety related and has no impact outside <br />of school hours. <br />Ward 10 - DeKay Street bylaw change is accessibility related and only affectsthe <br />addressthat requested it. <br />This report supports the delivery of core services. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The changes to on-street parking are detailed below.Each location is detailed separately. <br />REPORT: <br />Wilson Avenue <br />Wilson Avenue is a Major Community Collector roadway with primarily residential land use, <br />with parking permitted on the south side of the roadway, and with bike lanes on both sides <br />of the roadway. Woodhaven Road is a Local roadway which intersects Wilson Avenue at a <br />stop-controlled intersection with the stop control being on Woodhaven Road; Wilson Avenue <br />being the through street. Transportation Services has received numerous requests to <br />improve sightlines for vehicles entering the intersection from Woodhaven Road by <br />prohibiting parking near the intersection on Wilson Avenue. <br />Currently, as outlined in the City of Kitchener Uniform Traffic By-law No. 2019-113, on-street <br />parkingis permitted at anytime on the south side of Wilson Avenue. <br />A review of the intersection found the sightlines to be inadequate when vehicles are parked <br />on Wilson Avenue in the parking spaces closest to Woodhaven Road (both east and west <br />of the intersection). A Turning Movement Count was conducted on July 22, 2020 to <br />determine if an All-Way Stop would be warranted at this location. An All-Way Stop would <br />remove the sightline concerns by requiring all vehicles to stop at the intersection. The All- <br />Way Stop warrant was not met based on the volume split, with 77% of traffic through the <br />intersection entering on the major road (major volume must not exceed 65%). As a result, <br />an All-way Stop is not recommended at this location, and a parking prohibition removing the <br />two parking spaces closest to Woodhaven Road (one east of Woodhaven road, one west of <br />Woodhaven Road) is being implemented to address the sightline concerns. <br />Hidden Valley Road <br />Hidden Valley Road is a Local roadway with primarily residential and rural land uses, with <br />parking permitted for up to 3 hours on both sides as per the City of Kitchener Uniform Traffic <br />By-law No. 2019-113. <br />2 - 2 <br />