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With the recommended changes, the overall number of Payday Loan Establishment will <br />decrease from 18 locations to14 locations. Thechange of addresses within the Payday Loan <br />EstablishmentScheduleinclude: <br />Address to be Added: <br />324 Highland Rd West <br />Addresses to be Removed: <br />215Highland Rd West; <br />2880 King Street East; <br />78 King Street West; <br />1087 Weber Street East; and <br />1335 Weber Street East <br />The Payday Loan Establishment Schedule proposes to eventually reduce the total number of <br />establishments within the city by limiting the number of licences via attrition to a maximum of 10 <br />citywide and with no more than 2 establishments per ward. These 14 existing andlicensed <br />payday loan establishments will be recognized within the scheduleandbe permitted to remain <br />in operation as long as each onecontinuesto meet criteria outlined in the By-law. <br />ALIGNMENT WITH CITY OF KITCHENER STRATEGIC PLAN: <br />The recommendation of this report supports the achievement of the city’s strategic vision through <br />the delivery of core service. <br />FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br />There are no financial impacts. <br />COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: <br />INFORM – This report has been posted to the City’s website with the agenda in advance of the <br />council / committee meeting. <br />ACKNOWLEDGED BY: Victoria Raab, General Manager, Corporate Services <br />4 - 2 <br />