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APPENDIX A <br />SCHEDULE 17.1 <br />PAYDAY LOAN ESTABLISHMENTS <br />1.In addition to the licensing requirements set out in Article 4 of this Chapter, an Applicant <br />for a Payday Loan Establishment Licence shall supply the following: <br />a)Planning Approval; <br />b)Police Record Check; <br />c) Proof of current and valid licence as a lender or loan broker under the Payday <br />Loans Act, 2008; and <br />d)Proof of Insurance. <br />2.Every Payday Loan Establishment Operator shall have a separate Licence for each <br />Payday Loan Establishment location. <br />3.No more than ten (10) Payday Loan Establishment Licences shall be issued in the city <br />of Kitchener. <br />4.Nor more than two (2) Payday Loan Establishment Licences shall be issued in any one <br />ward of the city of Kitchener. <br />5.No new Licence shall be issued for Payday Loan Establishment if the proposed location <br />is: <br />a)located within 150 metres of another Licensed Payday Loan Establishment; <br />b)Located within 150 metres of anyGaming Establishment; or <br />c) Located within 150 metres of any addiction or gambling counselling service. <br />6.Despite sections 3, 4, and 5 of this Schedule, any Payday Loan Establishment existing <br />onJune 24, 2019may continue to operate in the same location provide: <br />a)The Operator had a current and valid Permanent Vendor Licence or Old Gold <br />Licence for the Payday Loan Establishment on June 24, 2019; <br />b)The Operator obtains a Payday Loan Establishment Licence by March 31, 2020; <br />c) The Business is operated continuously as a Payday Loan Establishment; <br />4 - 3 <br />