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COMMUNITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES COMMITTEE MINUTES <br />FEBRUARY 8, 2021CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Community and InfrastructureServices Committee held an electronic meeting this date, <br />commencing at 2:02p.m. <br />Present:Councillor B. Ioannidis -Chair <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic and Councillors D. Chapman,S. Davey,K. Galloway-Sealock, J. <br />Gazzola,M. Johnston, S. Marsh,C. Michaud,P. SinghandD. Schnider. <br />Staff:D. Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer <br />M. May, Deputy CAO& General Manager, Community Services <br />J. Readman, General Manager, Development Services <br />J. Lautenbach, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services <br />D. McGoldrick, General Manager, Infrastructure Services <br />P. Dunn,ActingGeneral Manager, Corporate Services <br />C. Bluhm, Executive Director, Economic Development <br />B. Cronkite, Director, Transportation Services <br />R.Bustamante, Director, Planning <br />G. MacNeil, Director, Enforcement <br />B. Lam, Director, Sanitary & StormwaterUtilities <br />M. Love, Manager, Service Coordination & Improvement <br />H. Fylactou, Manager, Licensing <br />B. Bennett,Manager, Business Development <br />C. Farrell,Manager, Waterloo Region Small Business Centre <br />C. Banks,Supervisor, Operations (Sewers) <br />C. Bennett, Corporate Sustainability Officer <br />J. von Westerholt, Senior Planner <br />J. Bunn, Manager, Council & Committee Services/Deputy Clerk <br />D. Saunderson, Committee Administrator <br />Pursuant to Chapter 25 (Procedure) of the Municipal Code, a motion was brought forward by Councillor <br />J. Gazzola to discuss Consent items3, 4 and 5listed on the agenda, which was voted on and was <br />Carried. <br />Pursuant to Chapter 25 (Procedure) of the Municipal Code, a motion was brought forward by Councillor <br />D. Chapmanto discuss Consent item 1 listed on the agenda, which was voted on and was Carried. <br />Councillor S. Marsh entered the meeting at this time. <br />1.CSD-21-003 -AMENDMENT TO ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTY BY-LAW -IDLING CONTROL <br />The Committee considered CommunityServices Department report CSD-21-003, dated January <br />27, 2021 recommending approval ofan amendment to the Administrative Penalty By-law for <br />idling control. G. MacNeil was in attendance to respond to questions from the Committee. <br />It was noted any recommendation arising from this matter would be considered at a special <br />Council meeting later this date. <br />On motion by Councillor S. Davey - <br />it was resolved: <br />“That the fine amount set out in Schedule ‘A’ of the Administrative Penalty By-law 2019- <br />039 outlined in Community Services Department report CSD-21-003as it relates to idling, <br />be approved.” <br />2.DSD-21-009-REMOVAL OF HOLDING PROVISION -ZBA20/014/S/JVW <br />-STRASBURG ROAD AT ROCKCLIFFE DRIVE <br />-HALLMAN CONSTRUCTION <br />The Committee considered DevelopmentServices Department report DSD-21-009, dated <br />January 8, 2021 recommending approval of Zoning By-law Amendment Application <br />ZBA20/014/S/JVW for the purpose of removing holding provision 73H for Strasburg Road. In <br />addition, the Committee was in receipt of a written submission from Paul Britton, MHBC <br />Planning, dated February 6, 2021 in support of the recommendation as outlined in Report DSD- <br />21-009. J. von Westerholt was in attendance and responded to questions from the Committee. <br />