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SPECIAL COUNCIL MINUTES <br />FEBRUARY 8, 2021 <br />CITY OF KITCHENER <br />A special electronic meeting of City Council was held in the Council Chamber at 5:05 p.m. this date, <br />chaired by Mayor B. Vrbanovic with all members present. <br />Notice of this meeting had been previously given to all members of Council by the City Clerk pursuant <br />to Chapter 25 (Council Procedure) of the Municipal Code. <br />CSD-21-003—AMENDMENT TO ADMINISTRATIVE PENALTY BY-LAW — IDLING CONTROL <br />Moved by Councillor B. loannidis <br />Seconded by Councillor D. Schnider <br />"That Council approve the fine amount set out in Schedule A of the Administrative Penalty By- <br />law 2019- 039 as it relates to Idling." <br />Carried. <br />DSD -21-020 — CONTINUED SUPPORTS FOR BUSINESSES IMPACTED BY PROVINCIAL <br />RESTRICTIONS <br />Moved by Councillor B. loannidis <br />Seconded by Councillor D. Schnider <br />"That, as part of the City's ongoing efforts to support businesses impacted by Provincial <br />restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City undertake the following: <br />a) Continue to provide necessary resource supports in the Waterloo Region Small Business <br />Centre to continue to provide needed services where Provincial funding is unavailable; <br />b) Utilize all relevant and applicable City of Kitchener communication channels to ensure <br />local businesses are aware of all funding supports, including Federal and Provincial <br />programs; <br />c) Continue to provide support to the KW Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvement <br />Areas and Waterloo Region Tourism Marketing Corporation for their recovery initiatives, <br />such as the Live: Ask an Expert webinar series; <br />d) Extend the waiving of fees for portable signs until June 30, 2021, authorizing staff to <br />further extend the waiving of these fees until the end of the pandemic if deemed <br />necessary; <br />e) Extending 2021 Business Licensing due dates and deferring late fees until June 30, 2021; <br />f) Continue to provide free parking in Downtown surface parking lots after 5pm and on <br />weekends until June 30, 2021, authorizing staff to further extend said free parking until <br />the end of the pandemic if deemed necessary; <br />g) Ensure an expeditious patio approval program remains in place in advance of warmer <br />weather, including the waiving of municipal patio fees; and, <br />h) Continue to support tenants of City of Kitchener facilities, such as the Kitchener Market, <br />with accessing applicable Federal and Provincial support programs, such as rent relief <br />subsidies; and further, <br />That City staff continue with a phased and agile approach to industry consultation and business <br />recovery as outlined in Report DSD -21-020." <br />Carried Unanimously <br />NOTICE OF MOTION — COVID-19 SICK TIME <br />Councillor M. Johnston gave notice that she will introduce the following motion for consideration <br />this date, to address COVID-19 Sick Time. <br />Moved by Councillor M. Johnston <br />Seconded by Councillor S. Marsh <br />"WHEREAS the COVID-19 pandemic and rise in workplace outbreaks has highlighted the crucial <br />need for paid sick time. <br />