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• Cancellations must be made at least two hours in advance of a scheduled trip. <br /> Proposed additional changes pending approval: <br /> • Consult with GRT customers & partner service providers concerning plans to align eligibility to <br /> functional limitations and expand conditional eligibility types. <br /> • Report back to Council with the outcome of the consultations in spring 2021. <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • Will there be customer self-service? <br /> Prepaid method will be available as a credit card payment over the phone. Pre-paid module still in the <br /> works. It was noted that a debit card might be a better choice as many clients on ODSP cannot get a <br /> credit card. <br /> • ION Train challenge, only the front door opens and that is not where the accessible seating is located. <br /> Significant issue with HVAC and climate control when both doors are open all the time. There is a <br /> button that can be pressed when getting off to allow more time from the driver. <br /> • Screen showing the next bus stop cycles too quickly and a rider can miss the stop they realize and it is <br /> too late. Maybe remove the words Next stop to allow for more time to read the screen. <br /> • Excited that there is no longer a half an hour wait time <br /> • Will booking online be available? <br /> Booking online will be available and the system may be able to let you know the availability. This <br /> module is still in process. <br /> • Will there be communication regarding the service as things begin to change to get the message out? <br /> Communication will happen closer to the rollout utilizing marketing print/radio/townships/promote on <br /> website and social media. Various agencies to share the information. Workshops to test the updates. <br /> 5. Region of Waterloo 2020 Annual Update, Melanie Garbarz <br /> Completed in 2020 <br /> • Client Email and Texting Standard Operating Procedure key resource during pandemic to communicate <br /> with community service clients <br /> • All in-person interpretation services ended and were replaced by virtual interpretation during COVID-19 <br /> • Some staff trained in making accessible videos <br /> • Internal Region of Waterloo Staff Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group created <br /> • "Pulse Check Survey" was conducted in 2020 with regional staff to gather input on diversity <br /> in the workplace <br /> • Mental Health Strategy Steering Committee created <br /> Action Items for 2021 <br /> • Complete accessibility audits of remaining ROW facilities <br /> • Post info on amenities in regional facilities on Region's website <br /> • Communicating standards for video captioning and resources available to assist <br /> • Diversity census for workplace staff <br /> • Enhance work on mental health in the workplace with partnership with YMCA Workwell Team <br /> Key accessibility related challenges for 2020/21 <br /> • ION stations and Wayfinding <br /> • Accessible PDF's on the website <br /> • Multi-Use Trails <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • Videos close captioned, will you be making descriptive? <br /> • Council members don't seem to have either. Melanie to follow up and bring back to the committee <br />