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recommendations on Official Plan Amendment OPA19/004/COK/TMW and Zoning By- <br />law Amendment ZBA19/010/COK/TMW are considered at Council. <br />REPORT HIGHLIGHTS: <br />• The purpose of this report is to: <br />o Provide an update on the Neighbourhood Planning Review (NPR) Project since <br />the December 9t", 2019 Statutory Public Meeting, which includes the `Staff <br />Responses' to the over 200 oral and written submissions that were received and <br />discuss next steps. <br />o Present new Neighbourhood Specific Urban Design Guidelines for approval and <br />inclusion into the City's Urban Design Manual. <br />• The Neighbourhood Planning Review Project has had to adjust timelines to consider <br />final approval of the Secondary Plans and zoning given the requirement that Major <br />Transit Station Area (MTSA) boundaries need to first be delineated in the Region of <br />Waterloo's Official Plan (ROP). In advance of this, those properties not located within <br />the Region's Major Transit Station Areas, may be zoned as part of Stage 2b of Zoning <br />By-law 2019-051, and new Neighbourhood Specific Guidelines for the Secondary Plans <br />can be approved and included in the City's Urban Design Manual. <br />• There are currently no financial implications resulting from this report. <br />• Community engagement included the `PARTS Central, Rockway and Midtown Plans', <br />the `Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhood Study (RIENS)', the <br />`Kitchener's Cultural Heritage Landscape Study (CHLS)', a number of Open Houses on <br />the proposed new Secondary Plans and Zoning, Urban Design Charrettes, and a <br />Statutory Public Meeting on December 9, 2019 and will include future engagement and <br />consultation before final documents are brought to Council for approvals. <br />• This report supports the delivery of core services. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br />In response to the Notice of the December 9, 2019 Public Meeting for the Neighbourhood <br />Planning Review Project, Planning staff received just over 200 oral and written submissions. <br />Due to changes in the Growth Plan, the timeline for consideration of the Secondary Plans <br />has changed, and the earliest that Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments could be <br />considered is early 2023. In the interim, Planning staff have prepared a `Response <br />Document' with 240 written responses to the oral and written submissions. Also, the <br />Neighbourhood Specific Urban Design Guidelines, that were considered as part of the <br />December 9t", 2019 public meeting, are recommended for approval and inclusion in the <br />City's Urban Design Manual to guide redevelopment happening in the Secondary Plan <br />areas. And lastly, those properties not proposed to be within the Major Transit Station Areas, <br />as determined by the Region, are recommended to proceed to be zoned as part of Stage <br />2b of new Zoning By-law 2019-051. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />The City's ten (10) Secondary Plans, the majority being 25-30 years old, were not included <br />and reviewed as part of the adoption and approval of the City's 2014 Official Plan. The <br />reasons for this were that one of the Secondary Plans had received a recent approval by <br />the Ontario Municipal Board and eight of the ten Secondary Plans were located within Major <br />Transit Station Areas and were proposed to be reviewed as part of the City's Planning <br />Around Station Area (PARTS) planning exercise. It was anticipated that through the PARTS <br />exercise, there would be changes to the existing Secondary Plans to implement the <br />