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<br /> <br />The Corporate Leadership Team has been working to address these issues through supports to <br />employees, reviewing workloads to focusing on priorities, and reassessing what are reasonable <br />expectations during these times. This includes balancing core service workload with pandemic <br />response and addressing related staffing resource challenges. <br />The 2021 Strategic Plan and Business Plan commitments have also been reviewed. While a great <br />deal of progress has been made this year despite the pandemic and workload challenges, a <br />number or projects have been delayed, and several since the April update that Council received. <br />These delays are concentrated in a few key areas, as a result of both the pandemic and resourcing <br />challenges. With respect to the 25 Actions in our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, staff remain committed <br />to action all of them within the term of Council, however 3 actions will now be completed in 2023. <br />REPORT: <br /> <br />Overall Status of Strategic Plan Actions <br /> <br />The following chart illustrates the status of the 25 Strategic Plan actions <br /> <br /> <br />Status of 2021 Scheduled End Date Projects <br />In total, nine strategic actions are completed of which three have been completed in 2021 as <br />scheduled. An additional four projects are on track for completion by the end of 2021. Four <br />projects are delayed. <br /> <br />2021 Completed Projects <br /> Community Climate Action Plan <br /> Customer Satisfaction Program <br /> On-Line Customer Service Portal <br />