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Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee <br />Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021 <br />Location: Zoom Meeting <br />Present: Donna Hartzler, Janis McKenzie (City of Kitchener), Dawn Clelland (Co -Chair), Heather Clark -Harris, <br />Rob Bender, Andrena Lockley -Brown, Brenda Robinson (Co -Chair), Berny Wesselink, Melanie Garbarz <br />(Region of Waterloo), Paula Saunders, Lolita Paroski (City of Kitchener/City of Waterloo), Carrie Speers, <br />Tracey Murray (Township of Wilmot), Tamara Bell, Councillor Debbie Chapman (City of Kitchener), Teresa <br />McQuillin, Amy Harron (Township of Wellesley), Jeff Smith (Township of Woolwich), Ashley Sage (Township of <br />North Dumfries), Councillor Sue Foxton (Region of Waterloo),Trevor Tamlin <br />Regrets: Councillor Sandra Hanmer (City of Waterloo), Jolene MacDonald, Mamie Sealey -Baker, Brad <br />Sayles <br />1. Welcome and Introductions <br />2. Approval of February Minutes and March Agenda <br />A change to the agenda has Region of Waterloo MUT's going first and then City of Waterloo Roger Street Park <br />will be second. Next meeting date is in correct and should be April 22, 2021. <br />Paula motioned to accept March agenda. Donna seconded. All in favour. <br />Berny motioned to accept February minutes; Andrena seconded. All in favour. <br />3. Declarations of Pecuniary Interests <br />None <br />4. Region of Waterloo, MUTs (Multi Use Trails), presentation by Bob Henderson. <br />Ownership and Responsibility <br />• All MUTs are owned and maintained by cities and townships • Exception — Spur Line MUT <br />Legislation <br />• Traffic and Parking By-law regulates who can use MUT <br />• Presently, all motorized vehicles, including a -bikes are not permitted on MUT <br />• Pedestrians and cyclists are permitted to share the trail <br />• Consideration to permit e -scooters. <br />• Public survey underway. <br />Questions <br />1. Are there any plans for multi -use trails that are separated from pedestrians, lowering safety <br />concerns for all people? What would be our next step to encourage making these our new standard? <br />Where possible and space permits, the Region would consider separate cycling and pedestrian <br />facilities. Examples would include cycle tracks, separated bike lanes being piloted now. <br />