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Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee <br />Date: Thursday May 27, 2021 <br />Location: Zoom Meeting <br />Present: Donna Hartzler, Janis McKenzie (City of Kitchener), Dawn Clelland (Co -Chair), Heather Clark -Harris, <br />Rob Bender, Brenda Robinson (Co -Chair), Berny Wesselink, Melanie Garbarz (Region of Waterloo), Paula <br />Saunders, Lolita Paroski (City of Kitchener/City of Waterloo), Tracey Murray (Township of Wilmot), Councillor <br />Debbie Chapman (City of Kitchener), Brad Sayles, Teresa McQuillin, Lindsay Raftis (Township of Wellesley), <br />Jeff Smith (Township of Woolwich), Ashley Sage (Township of North Dumfries), Councillor Sue Foxton (Region <br />of Waterloo), Councillor Sandra Hanmer (City of Waterloo), Jolene MacDonald, Mamie Sealey -Baker, Trevor <br />Tamlin <br />Regrets: Andrena Lockley -Brown, Carrie Speers, Tamara Bell <br />1. Welcome and Introductions <br />2. Approval of April Minutes and May Agenda <br />Region of Waterloo's Page Assist presentation tabled for future meeting. <br />Berny motioned to accept May agenda; Brenda seconded. All in favour. <br />Berny motioned to accept April minutes; Brenda seconded. All in favour. <br />3. Declarations of Pecuniary Interests <br />None <br />4. City of Kitchener, MyKitchener, New website Update, Nicole Amaral, Helena Foulds, Linnea Scian <br />The City of Kitchener online portal is the first of its kind in Canada. It can create a secure account unique to <br />each user. The user can view information about services relevant to them in one, centralized place. It will <br />customize content based on user preferences and address. Users will receive notifications when new <br />information becomes available. The new website only requires a single sign -on to utilize other City services <br />like tax and utility e -billing. A short tutorial was given to the committee members. <br />Comments/Feedback <br />• Still in Beta stage so still looking for feedback <br />• On the portal there is no zoom feature, would need to use browser <br />• Are there specific platforms to be utilized? Both website and portal fully responsive to multiple devices. <br />Fully mobile responsive. <br />• Why would you want to sign up with a different address in the portal? Examples would be landlords or <br />people who owned multiple properties. Everything that would be utilized is public information. Anything <br />like property taxes could only be utilized by the homeowner. <br />• Persons with visual disabilities can access. <br />• Will Sidewalk closures also be included the same as road closures? Corporately looking at accessing <br />that data. <br />