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• Working on adding a report a problem widget to the portal. <br />• Are noise exemptions going to be included? Already located on the website. <br />5. City of Kitchener, Iron Horse Trail Crossings, Darren Kropf <br />The Iron Horse Trail is the city's busiest trail, with over 250,000 trips a year by pedestrians and cyclists of all <br />ages and abilities. Guided by the Iron Horse Trail Improvement Strategy (2015), recent investments in the trail <br />have improved the trail's function, safety, and comfort, including trail widening, benches, lighting, and <br />landscaping. <br />Continuing with these improvements, city staff is proposing to improve safety and accessibility at all city -owned <br />trail crossings with the installation of Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs), as well as raised crossings or refuge <br />islands. <br />Comments/Feedback <br />• Like the raised crosswalk idea. <br />• Approximate timeline for Kent Avenue is two years and Gage Street is five years. <br />• What would it take to get everyone in the Region doing the same thing? Every jurisdiction has a <br />different mandate. <br />• Smooth flush cross ride cross walk, looks like a regular cross walk, concern is the width? Raise and a <br />drop, how much space? According to provincial regulations these cannot be separated. Looking to <br />change that in time which is why the design is bigger to incorporate this in the future. No tactile strips <br />are going to be utilized at this time. <br />Break (15 mins) <br />6. Built Environment Sub Committee Updates, Paula Saunders <br />• Northdale Parks <br />Brought to GRAAC in January 2020. Guide strips will be included. <br />• Schlegel Park <br />Guide strips important here to the public washrooms. A site trip was done by Dawn and suggestions <br />well received. A site visit with GRAAC and staff once pandemic restrictions are lifted. <br />• Button Factory <br />Guide strips again from the side of the building to the back of the building to the elevator. Well received <br />and staff are working with Dawn. <br />• Waterloo Council Chambers <br />Redesign put on hold for now. <br />• Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex washroom <br />Would like to have been onsite to show where to place washroom fixtures, due to COVID had to be a <br />virtual call instead. Not 100% sure everything will be fine due to the virtual instead of onsite visit. An <br />onsite visit will be planned once pandemic restrictions are lifted. <br />• Roger St Park <br />Came to GRAAC recently. Staff reached out to get clarification regarding placement of guide strips. <br />Meeting was virtual. <br />• In Boulevard Shared Use Facilities Paper <br />Working on a paper with Brenda and Dawn with staff support from Melanie and Lolita. <br />7. Committee Updates <br />Brenda Robinson, Co -Chair <br />• Committee report went to council on Monday: <br />http://Ifprodas/WebLin k/DocView.aspx?dbid=0&id=1928986&page=1&cr=1 <br />