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<br /> <br />1. Commencement <br />The Community and Infrastructure Services Committee held an electronic <br />meeting this date, commencing at 1:01 p.m. <br />2. Discussion of Consent Items <br />Pursuant to Chapter 25 (Procedure) of the Municipal Code, a motion was brought <br />forward by Councillor J. Gazzola to discuss the Consent item on the agenda, <br />which was voted on and was Carried. <br />3. Consent Items <br />3.1 DSD-2021-166 - Old Mill Sanitary Pumping Station - Consultant Contract <br />Increase <br />The Committee considered report DSD-2021-166, dated August 25, 2021, <br />recommending a contract increase for MTE Consultants Inc. for engineering <br />services related to the Old Mill Sanitary Pumping Station (OMSPS). H. Gross <br />was in attendance and responded to questions from the Committee. <br />On motion by Councillor C. Michaud <br />it was resolved: <br />"That the contract for MTE Consultants Inc. for engineering services <br />related to the Old Mill Sanitary Pumping Station (OMSPS) be increased by <br />$282,700, funded by the development charge reserve fund, as outlined in <br />Development Services Department report DSD-2021-166." <br />Carried <br /> <br />4. Discussion Items <br />4.1 DSD-2021-177 - Neighbourhood Speed Limit Review <br />The Committee considered Development Services Department report DSD-2021- <br />177, dated September 23, 2021, recommending approval of a neighbourhood <br />speed limit review. Faranak Hosseini presented the Report. A. McCrimmon- <br />Jones and B. Cronkite were in attendance to respond to questions from the <br />Committee. <br />Kevin Litwiller addressed the Committee in support of lowering traffic speeds, but <br />expressed concerns with whether the proposed speed reductions will be <br />enforced. K. Litwiller indicated the traffic speeds in the Doon South area, <br /> 2 <br />