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Date:November 23, 2021 <br />To:Members of Heritage Kitchener <br />From:Victoria Grohn, Senior Planner (Heritage) <br />cc: <br />Subject:10 Duke Street West <br />Site Plan <br />Draft Heritage Impact Assessment <br />The Planning Division is in receipt of a draft Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) dated November 8, <br />2021 and revised November 22, 2021prepared by mcCallumSather, in anticipation ofa proposal <br />to redevelop 10 Duke Street West. The property municipally addressed as 10 Duke Street West <br />contains a c. 1949 red brick building constructed in the Colonial Revival architectural style. The <br />Register as a non-designated property of cultural <br />heritage value or interest. <br />The HIA was prepared to assess potential impacts of the proposal to demolish the rear (north) <br />façade, the three rear bays of the west façade and the partial roof slab component of the existing <br />building to facilitate the construction of a 40-storey mixed-use building. The proposed <br />redevelopment proposes retention of the complete front (Duke Street) and side (Queen Street) <br />facades and the three front bays of the west façade. A Site Plan application has not yet been <br />submitted to the City. <br />th <br />The applicant and their consultants will be in attendance at the December 7, 2021 meeting of <br />Heritage Kitchener to present the draft HIA and answer questions. Heritage Planning staff will be <br />s <br />review of the HIA and the processing of the anticipated planning application. A motion or <br />recommendation to Council is not required. <br />Excerpts from the draft HIA are attached to this memo. The full draft HIA will be made available <br />_____________________________ <br />Victoria Grohn, BES <br />Senior Planner (Heritage) <br />1 - 1 <br />