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Date:November 23, 2021 <br />To:Members of Heritage Kitchener <br />From:Victoria Grohn, Senior Planner (Heritage) <br />cc: <br />Subject:178 Queen Street South <br />Proposed Demolition <br />Draft Heritage Impact Assessment <br />The Planning Division is in receipt of a draft Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) datedNovember <br />2021 prepared by MHBC Planning regarding a proposal to demolish the existing building <br />municipally addressed as 178 Queen Street South. The subject property is designated under Part <br />V of the Ontario Heritage Act and located within the Victoria Park Area Heritage Conservation <br />District. <br />Aheritage permit application has been submitted for the demolition of the subject propertyand is <br />under review by Heritage Planning staff. There are currently no plans to redevelop the property and <br />it is stated within the HIA that the site is proposed for use as surface parking in the interim. <br />th <br />, 2021 meeting of Heritage <br />Kitchener to present the draft HIA and answer questions. Heritage Planning staff will be seeking <br />of the HIA and the processing of the future heritage permit application. A motion or recommendation <br />to Council will not be required at the December meeting. It is anticipated that a staff report regarding <br />the heritage permit seeking the consent from Council to demolish the existing building will be <br />prepared for consideration by Heritage Kitchener at its January2022 meeting. <br />A copy of the Executive Summary from the draft HIA is attached to this memo. The full draftHIA <br />___________________________ <br />Victoria Grohn, BES <br />Senior Planner (Heritage) <br />3 - 1 <br />