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5. PRESENTATIONS <br />6. DELEGATIONS <br />Pursuant to Council's Procedural By-law, delegations are permitted to address <br />the Committee for a maximum of five (5) minutes. Delegates must register by <br />5:00 p.m. on December 13, 2021, in order to participate electronically. <br />6.1. Kitchener -Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro Merger <br />6.1.a. Jerry Van Ooteghem, Kitchener -Wilmot Hydro and Jim Phillips, <br />Kitchener Power Corp. Board - Regarding Financial Services <br />Department report FIN -2021-68, listed as Item 12.2.a. on the <br />Committee of the Whole agenda this date. <br />6.2. Compass Kitchener <br />6.2.a. Dan Chapman, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Kitchener - To <br />provide opening remarks regarding Chief Administrator's Office report <br />CAO -2021-5, listed as Item 12.3.a on the Committee of the Whole <br />agenda this date. <br />6.2.b. Judith Stephens -Wells, Chair, Compass Kitchener and Omar Samad, <br />Vice -Chair, Compass Kitchener - Regarding Chief Administrator's <br />Office report CAO -2021-5, listed as Item 12.3.a on the Committee of <br />the Whole agenda this date. <br />7. REPORTS OF COMMITTEES <br />7.1. FINANCE AND CORPORATE SERVICES COMMITTEE - DECEMBER <br />6, 2021 <br />7.1.a. COR -2021-28 - Digital Kitchener and Innovation Lab Update <br />That Corporate Services Department report COR -2021-28 - Digital <br />Kitchener and Innovation Lab Update be received for information. <br />7.1.b. DSD -2021-167 - Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts Interim <br />Operating Model <br />That the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute a two-year lease <br />agreement with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony at the Conrad <br />Centre for the Performing Arts, with terms and conditions generally <br />consistent with the current lease agreement, said agreement to be <br />satisfactory to the City Solicitor, as outlined in Development Services <br />Department report DSD -2021-167; and, <br />That the proposed grant program to support access to the Conrad <br />Centre for Performing Arts, as outlined in Appendix A of Development <br />Services Department report DSD -2021-167 be approved with an <br />annual budget in 2022 of $80,000; and, <br />Page 2 of 191 <br />