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<br />Through this challenging time, staff demonstrated resiliency and made progress on the 2021 <br />Business Plan projects. As of December 31,9projects have been completed, including 7 <br />strategic plan projects and 2 business projects. As indicated in the following illustration 13 <br />of 25 Strategic Actions have now been completed with 7 being completed in 2021. <br /> <br />Award Winning Strategic Plan and Projects <br />Council can be proud of how staff adapted to the challenges of the pandemic and continued <br />to deliver on the community priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan, which remained relevant <br />to the public. <br /> <br />The innovation and quality of the Strategic Plan was recognized by Municipal World with <br />their inaugural Innovation Award presented to the City in November 2021. <br /> <br />The Cycling and Trails Master Plan won the Award of Merit as part of the Canadian Institute <br />of Planners (CIP) 2021 Awards for Planning Excellence program in the category of <br />Sustainable Mobility Transportation and Infrastructure. It also won the Transportation <br />Planning Project of the Year award from the Ontario Traffic Council. The award recognizes <br />excellence in transportation planning by highlighting projects that display innovation, support <br />sustainability and contribute to quality of life. <br /> <br />Housing for All, housing strategy received the Peter J Marshall award for <br />demonstrating creativity and success in implementing new, innovative ways of serving the <br />public from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. <br /> <br />Completed Strategic Actions <br />The City made considerable progress in the projects under the five goals of the Strategic <br />Plan. The following 7 strategic plan actions were completed in 2021: <br /> <br /> <br />