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'Staff Report <br />` <br />Corporate Services Lle,oartrnent www. kitchener. ca <br />REPORT TO: Committee of the Whole <br />DATE OF MEETING: December 13, 2021 <br />SUBMITTED BY: Christine Tarling, Director of Legislative Services/City Clerk, 519- <br />741-2200 ext. 7809 <br />PREPARED BY: Christine Tarling, Director of Legislative Services/City Clerk, 519- <br />741-2200 ext. 7809 <br />WARD(S) INVOLVED: All Wards <br />DATE OF REPORT: December 9, 2021 <br />REPORT NO.: COR -2021-37 <br />SUBJECT: Corporate Policy Review — Repeal of Policies <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That the corporate policies listed in Appendix "A" as attached to staff report COR - <br />2021 -37 be repealed. <br />REPORT HIGHLIGHTS: <br />• The purpose of this report is to repeal policies that are no longer needed and to <br />provide the reason for the repeal. <br />• The financial implications are none. <br />• This report supports the delivery of core services. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />On November 16, 2015, Council ratified a corporate policy review process as outlined in <br />staff report FCS -15-142. Council also approved a master policy which provides a framework <br />for the City to govern the development, review and maintenance of corporate policies to <br />ensure currency and relevancy in the future. This framework included the reasons for which <br />policies could be repealed and an initial list of policies for repeal were brought forward for <br />Council's approval in April 2016. Since that time, staff has continued to monitor the <br />relevancy of all the corporate policies with a view to amending, repealing and replacing, or <br />repealing only as appropriate. <br />REPORT: <br />Each Director has reviewed with their respective General Manager a list of policies relating <br />to their area and identified those which should be repealed for one of the following reasons: <br />1. Program or program funding no longer exists (0 policies). <br />2. Regulation or legislation is already in place (4 policies). <br />3. Policy has been replaced with another policy (2 policies). <br />4. Policy conflicts with another policy (0 policies). <br />5. Policy found redundant, outmoded or dysfunctional (3 policies). <br />