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The Kitchener Waterloo Region Small Business Centre acts as the business <br />headquarters, coordinating marketing, programs, and funding. Kitchener has four <br />employees, while the Cambridge and Waterloo satellite offices each have one employee <br />paid by their respective municipality. <br /> <br />WRSBC sources of funding include: <br /> The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation and Trade <br /> Cities of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo <br /> Region of Waterloo <br /> Other sources of revenue include: Special Projects/Programs and Event Fees <br /> <br />The City of Kitchener (Waterloo Region Small Business Centre) has received funding from <br />the Province of Ontario since 1998. The two-year agreement 2022 2024 ensures <br />together to help entrepreneurs start and grow a business. <br /> <br />REPORT: <br /> <br />The provincial funding agreement with the City of Kitchener and the Ministry of Economic <br />Development Job Creation and Trade will provide the Waterloo Region Small Business <br />Centre with $456,552 annually for each of the two years ($913,104 total). The funds <br />support: <br /> <br />Core Business Services: <br /> one-on-one business consultations, <br /> workshops and events, <br /> assistance with market research, business and marketing plans, <br /> information to navigating government departments, agencies and regulations <br /> assistance with registering a provincial master business license <br /> community outreach activities <br /> <br />The funding supports two full-time jobs, program delivery and grants expenses. <br /> <br />Summer Company Program: <br /> entrepreneurial training, mentoring and grant for students age 15-29 starting and <br />running a business over the summer, eligible students must be returning to school. <br />The funding supports one part-time job, program expenses and a grant of up to $3000 <br />for successful candidates. <br /> <br />Starter Company Program <br /> entrepreneurial training, mentoring and grant for start-ups and growth companies. <br />The funding supports one part-time job, expenses and a grant of up to $5,000 for <br />successful candidates. <br />WRSBC has delivered the Summer Company program since 2001 and the Starter Company <br />businesses, the expansion of existing businesses, leveraged investments and job creation. <br /> <br />