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regarding progress n <br />CorCAP. <br /> <br />The City of Kitchener will build on the Council unanimously endorsed TransformWR <br />framework (the minimum targets, pathways, and actions) (Appendix A) as it develops the <br />next generation CorCAP. Staff will report back to Council on the development of the next <br />generation CorCAP in 2023. <br /> <br />Community Focus <br /> <br />First Generation <br />For the last decade the City of Kitchener has been participating in ClimateActionWR (CSD- <br />14-028). Ten organizations collaborate to catalyze community climate action through the <br />collaborative. This collaboration includes all eight local municipalities and two local non- <br />governmental organizations (Reep Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region). <br />Staff from the Area Municipalities (with representation from the Townships as capacity <br />allows) serve on the ClimateActionWR management committee. The first generation of <br />community climate action work included a 6% GHG community reduction target from 2010 <br />levels (CSD-13-108) and progress reporting (CSD-17-046). <br /> <br />Second Generation <br />In 2018 Council unanimously endorsed a community GHG emissions reduction target of <br />80% below 2010 levels by 2050 (INS-18-024). In June 2021, Council unanimously <br />supported the second-generation community climate action plan TransformWR (DSD-2021- <br />94). TransformWR is the broad umbrella strategy developed by ClimateActionWR that the <br />City of Kitchener has endorsed as the framework to transition our community off of fossil <br />fuels. It includes a 30-year strategy and a 10-year plan to address climate change. Through <br />this plan the City of Kitchener is working to achieve (as a minimum target for our region) an <br />interim absolute GHG emission reduction of 30% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Recognizing <br />we are a growing community (based on population projections) this will equal a GHG <br />emissions reduction of 49% per person in our community by the year 2030. With increased <br />support from other levels of government, it may be possible to exceed these targets. The <br />technical pathway assessment to achieve these goals was led by WalterFedy. <br />TransformWR identifies 6 Transformative Changes, related strategies and 78 actions along <br />with key milestones to help track our progress. The City of Kitchener is responsible as lead, <br />co-lead, collaborator, support, or participant for 50 of these actions. This significant <br />commitment builds on a decade of work ushered through ClimateActionWR on engagement, <br />catalyzing action, and progress reporting. TransformWR is a vision for community <br />transformation. The ClimateActionWR Collaborative will track GHG emissions on an annual <br />basis, with full GHG inventories completed no less than every 5 years. Key performance <br />indicators will also allow monitoring of progress on an ongoing basis. <br /> <br />REPORT: <br /> <br />climate action work happens in two focus areas a corporate focus <br />and a community focus. <br />emissions (including City of Kitchener owned and operated <br />buildings, fleet, streetlighting, pumping stations and corporate waste). In general, <br />