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Figure 2: Graphic depiction of Housing for All's action implementation status. <br />Update on Housing for All <br />2020, the City has begun to undertake the implementation of the 44 actions focused on created <br />more housing opportunities in our community. <br />Completed Actions <br />Together City staff from across various Departments and Divisions have collaborated to advance <br />these actions. In Table 1 (below) are actions that have been completed to date. Please note that <br />some of these actions are ongoing and iterative. The first year of implementation was focused <br />on setting the program on a foundation for success, resourcing the body of work and learning <br />how to collaborate both within the City and pan-Regionally. <br />Collectively, 14 actions have been largely completed accounting for approximately a 30% <br />completion rate in the first year of implementation. <br />