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• More contrast with the posts for visibility purposes <br /> • Are wayfinding strips going to be used to get people to the service desk from all entrances? Working <br /> towards utilizing wayfinding strips in the design <br /> • Bars are angled, make sure walking sticks can find first <br /> • Creation centre, (visible media spaces) computers with higher tech graphic design <br /> • Moveable desks to adjust the height for the user <br /> 5. Waterloo Region, Community Safety Well Being Plan, Neb Zachariah & Sunil Issac <br /> The Region of Waterloo is working alongside the community and its partners to develop an integrated plan to <br /> improve the wellbeing and safety of everyone. This work involves collaborating with diverse members of our <br /> community and integrating over 170 plans into a clear path for renewed action and change. While this work <br /> starts with a plan, the outcome will evolve, change, and grow along with the needs of our community. This plan <br /> is not meant to be a static document, but a vision for creating a community that addresses the root causes of <br /> how to create a safe and well community for all, and actively works together. To complete this work, three <br /> committees have been formed as the foundational groups to develop this plan, with continued community <br /> engagement planned throughout 2021. <br /> The timeline for the completion of this plan is December 2021, when the plan will be presented to council for <br /> approval, and then submitted to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and Ministry of <br /> the Attorney General. <br /> Over a period of 6 months, the three committees will continually meet to develop a framework, in conjunction <br /> with targeted outreach to communities for whom this plan will have a great effect. The makeup of the <br /> committees includes local leaders, representatives from area municipalities, as well as representation from the <br /> Region's Anti-Racism Advisory Committee and Indigenous and community organizations that are focused on <br /> wellbeing. <br /> Safety and Wellbeing are broad terms, and in the context of this plan the committees are working to define <br /> what safety and wellbeing mean to the Region. This includes a focus on upstream initiatives, equity, diversity <br /> and belonging. As the work progresses, updates will be made on this page as well as to council as needed. <br /> The vision of the engagement is to hear from 100 voices from community leaders, organizations, and more <br /> collaborating to build the framework for a safe and well community. <br /> "100 voices" is focused on engaging, collaborating and co-planning with community leaders. Community <br /> leaders have trusted relationships within their communities and understand the issues and barriers faced by <br /> communities, and the strengths they hold. Engaging with community leaders to listen, learn and inform is <br /> essential to the success of the CSWBP. <br /> The goal of this process is to develop a shared vision and understanding of CSWB among community leaders <br /> from priority communities in Waterloo Region. Engagement will explore what a community that is safe and well <br /> looks like, how it may look different across different communities, identifying what gaps exist, and incorporating <br /> an equity lens. <br /> Who? Community leaders and Elders from priority communities, leaders from organizations and institutions, <br /> and subject matter experts, will be engaged to collaborate in co-planning and co-designing a vision for CSWB <br /> in Waterloo Region. <br /> How? Focused conversations and discussions as priority groups or as one on ones, virtually or by phone. <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • It feels like the conversation is mainly with Community Leaders and staff, important to talk with <br /> community members who have lived experience and/or those not online or have access to a computer. <br /> Any recommendations from this committee, please reach out to staff. You can forward any <br /> contacts/feedback to staff <br />