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• How broad is the definition of safety? It is whatever means to you as a group <br /> • Never ending list, snow shoveling, option for child care after the age of 12 years, better access in <br /> general doors etc. <br /> • Affordable housing and security in that space due to a lower income <br /> • Safety using the transit systems <br /> • Some neighbourhoods that are accessible but don't feel safe <br /> • Multi Use trails <br /> • Affordable housing and accessibility <br /> • A lot of people seem to be caught in the middle, not eligible for assistance, but still need help with <br /> social issues— connecting with paramedic services could be helpful <br /> • Need more resources reallocated to people living in isolation <br /> • Shortage of family Doctors, specifically with those who have multiple issues, driving to Toronto not <br /> always an option <br /> • Limitations of Mobility Plus <br /> • Speeds throughout the Region <br /> • Food security: no mobile shopping carts or not enough, stores in the area need to be made aware of <br /> the disabilities in the community <br /> • More education regarding persons with disabilities; health (COVID testing an example) <br /> Break <br /> 6. GRAAC Draft position paper MUT signage, Brenda Robinson <br /> Brenda shared the draft MUT signage position paper with the committee. <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • Change signs to upright signs <br /> • No idea where they were on the trail when 911 call; location markers needed (street access locations) <br /> to help facilitate emergency response <br /> • Speed limits for safety <br /> • Clearly marked signage versus painted signage <br /> • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians in shared spaces <br /> Brenda will send draft issue paper to committee members for further feedback via email and asked for <br /> approval in principle. Jolene moved to accept the issue paper on principle, and Sue seconded. All in Favour. <br /> 7. Built Environment Sub Committee Updates, Paula Saunders <br /> • City of Waterloo Toilet Paper Dispensers <br /> Ongoing issue depending on what type dispenser is used. Building code says toilet paper dispenser is <br /> supposed to be under the grab bar. Everyone on the same page but still an ongoing issue. <br /> • City of Kitchener Centre in the Square <br /> Pull down grab bars will be installed in barrier free washrooms and universal washrooms. Colour <br /> contrast in the washrooms has been adjusted as per suggestions from previous meeting. In the <br /> universal washroom there will be a device installed near the toilet which will house a sensor that will <br /> lock the door if it is left unlocked on entry. This is not required per code, suggested by the architect. <br /> • City of Waterloo Roger St. Park <br /> No standards regarding tactile strips, conversation ongoing. With help from CNIB hopefully can come <br /> up with standards <br /> • City of Kitchener Small Parks <br /> Brubacher and Westwood <br /> Initial plans were shown, more to come. Staff to come to November meeting to share more details. <br />