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Policy No: MUN-FAC-2030 <br />Policy Title: CITY FACILITY USAGE BY GROUPS OR EVENTS <br /> <br />2. DEFINITIONS: <br />Facility user: Indigenous community, public individuals, groups who book City <br />facility rooms or spaces for public or private events, or City staff who book City <br />facility rooms or spaces for public facing events. This refers to both the individual <br />who makes the booking as well as any individual who is delegated oversight <br />responsibility during the course of the booking or event. <br /> <br />Facility user classifications: <br />City-endorsed groups: Groups that provide services and programs that are <br />City sponsored, recognized or affiliated. This group would include, but is not <br />limited to, Public Art Committee, advisory committees, Sports Groups, Ethno- <br />Cultural Committee, Artist In Residence programs, Exhibiting Artists in <br />Rotunda Gallery, Special Event Committees that work directly with Arts, <br />Culture and Special Events Division. <br /> <br />Indigenous Community: Indigenous organizations, groups, families, and <br />individuals. <br /> <br />Neighbourhood Associations: A Neighbourhood Association is a group of <br />neighbours who work together to engage in activities such as planning and <br />delivering recreation and other programing that serves neighbourhood needs, <br />special events, neighbourhood specific projects, and other social engagement <br />opportunities for citizens. A Neighbourhood Association may or may not be <br />incorporated. <br /> <br />Informal Neighbourhood Groups: Groups of citizens who are neighbours, who <br />mobilize around a common purpose, connection or vision, supported by City <br />staff. While not formally recognized as affiliated, the City of Kitchener may <br />provide a variety of supports to them, including access to space. <br /> 2 of 14 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />