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<br />Policy No: MUN-FAC-2030 <br />Policy Title: CITY FACILITY USAGE BY GROUPS OR EVENTS <br /> <br /> <br />In Kind Facility Grant Groups: Groups or organizations providing a specific <br />event to the general public, intended for the common good of Kitchener <br />residents, in the areas of arts and culture, minor sports and recreation, and <br />community support and development who have received an in-kind grant from <br />the City to cover the costs of facility rental fees and staff costs for a basic set-up <br />only. (See policy FIN-GRA-525 for more details.) <br /> <br />City Departments: City staff who book facilities for the purposes of public facing <br />events such as Urban Design Awards, Heritage Awards, Protocol Events, <br />Mayor’s Levee, etc. <br /> <br />Private Groups / Major Tenants: Groups under this category will include all <br />other bookings including private functions, and any groups wanting to provide <br />“services”, open to the public or not. <br /> <br />Smudging: a ceremonial practice that involves burning sacred or medicinal <br />plants to create sacred smoke used to purify or cleanse people and places. The <br />four medicines typically used are Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass and Tobacco. <br /> <br /> <br />3. SCOPE: <br /> <br /> <br />POLICY APPLIES TO THE FOLLOWING: <br />☒ All Employees <br />☐ All Full-Time Employees ☐ All Union <br />☐ Management ☐ C.U.P.E. 68 Civic <br />☐ Non Union ☐ C.U.P.E. 68 Mechanics <br />☐ Temporary ☐ C.U.P.E. 791 <br />☐ Student ☐ I.B.E.W. 636 <br />☐ Part-Time Employees ☐ K.P.F.F.A. <br />☐ Specified Positions only: ☒ Other: Facility Users <br />☐ Council ☐ Local Boards & Advisory Committees <br /> <br /> 4. POLICY CONTENT: <br /> <br />Available Spaces <br />Facility users may book the use of City facilities including meeting rooms, City Hall <br />Rotunda, Carl Zehr Square, Victoria Park Pavilion, the Market, and other bookable <br />City-owned spaces except as noted below. A full list of bookable spaces is located <br />in Appendix A. <br /> 3 of 14 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />