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<br /> A. Mick, Manager, Quality Management and Water Programs <br /> B. Cronkite, Director, Transportation Services <br /> I. Balaban, Active Transportation Planning Project Manager <br /> A. Fusco, City Clerk <br /> D. Saunderson, Deputy Clerk <br /> S. Goldrup, Committee Administrator <br /> <br />_____________________________________________________________________ <br /> <br />1. Commencement <br />The Community and Infrastructure Services Committee held an electronic <br />meeting this date, commencing at 3:04 p.m. <br />2. Consent Items <br />Pursuant to Chapter 25 (Procedure) of the Municipal Code, a motion was brought <br />forward by Councillor J. Gazzola to discuss Consent item 2.1. through 2.6. listed <br />on the agenda, which was voted on and was Carried. <br />2.1 Summary Water Report - 2021, INS-2022-039 <br />The Committee considered Infrastructure Services Department report INS-2022- <br />039, dated January 20, 2022, regarding the 2021 City of Kitchener Drinking <br />Water Summary. In response to questions from the Committee, A. Mick <br />confirmed the figures contained within the report and that the City complies with <br />regulatory requirements. <br />On motion by Councillor M. Johnston <br />it was resolved: <br />"That the 2021 City of Kitchener Summary Drinking Water Report be <br />received for information as required by O.Reg. 170/03 Schedule 22 of the <br />Safe Drinking water Act; and further, <br />That the City of Kitchener provide a copy of the Summary Drinking Water <br />Report to the Township of Woolwich and the City of Waterloo as required <br />by Schedule 22 of O.Reg. 170/03." <br />Carried <br /> <br /> 2 <br />