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Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee <br /> Date: Thursday, February 24, 2022 <br /> Location: Zoom Meeting <br /> Present: Donna Hartzler, Rob Bender, Brenda Robinson (Co-Chair), Paula Saunders, Lolita Paroski (City of <br /> Kitchener), Carrie Speers, Teresa McQuillin (Co-Chair), Melanie Garbarz (Region of Waterloo), Ashley Sage <br /> (Township of North Dumfries), Tracey Murray (Township of Wilmot), Councillor Debbie Chapman (City of <br /> Kitchener), Councillor Sue Foxton (Region of Waterloo), Berny Wesselink, Amy Ross (City of Waterloo), Janis <br /> McKenzie (City of Kitchener), <br /> Regrets: Robyn Jackson, Heather Clark Harris, Mamie Sealey-Baker, Trevor Tamlin, Councillor Sandra <br /> Hanmer (City of Waterloo), Lindsay Raftis (Township of Wellesley), Jolene MacDonald, Ilidia Sa Melo <br /> (Township of Woolwich), Tamara Bell <br /> 1. Welcome and Introductions <br /> 2. Approval of January Minutes and February Agenda <br /> Quorum not met, approval of January minutes and February tabled until next meeting. <br /> 3. Declarations of Pecuniary Interests <br /> None <br /> 4. Eby Farm Playground, Kelly Harrington, Andrea Bazler, Stephanie Snow <br /> The existing playground is situated on the east side of Eby Farm, a short distance from parking and <br /> washrooms. <br /> General improvements will: ensure the playground area has an accessible connection to nearby parking, trails, <br /> and washrooms respond to the maneuvering requirements of mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and <br /> canes; and promote safety, comfort, and ease of use for all park users through Universal Design. <br /> Families have diverse needs. The intent of the design is to welcome visitors with a <br /> broad range of abilities. We do this by incorporating opportunities for: <br /> 1. Clear space beside access points for transition and observation. <br /> 2. Opportunities for challenging play for a variety of users; Separate quiet areas where kids can move <br /> away from the action; and, <br /> 3. Protection from the elements under the shade of several trees and one giant butterfly. The intent with the <br /> design is to ensure inclusive access throughout the playground, including ample room for socializing. <br /> This is accomplished with: <br /> Spaces where kids can play together. <br /> Viewing of the whole play space at the lookout; and numerous rest areas and seating options within and <br /> around the play precinct. <br /> Comments/Feedback <br /> • Generally, use plastic slides as they don't heat up, compromise using one metal slide in the shade <br /> • Steps for seating, coloring of the steps and the ground behind it need to be contrasted to distinguish <br /> • Look out point—will there be seating, currently there is nothing on the plan, however if space allows <br /> and required <br /> • Disc swing will still be available <br /> • Will there be any wayfinding strips to help persons with vision issues, looking at the wayfinding strips <br /> bigger picture for all the park <br />