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REPORT: <br />2022 Business Plan - Overall Status <br />The 2022 Business Plan comprises 12 strategic actions and 24 business plan projects. Of these <br />36 projects, 21 are to be completed in 2022, and 4 of these projects are already completed. <br />Figure 1: Strategic Actions and Business Plan Projects scheduled for completion in 2022 <br /> Completed On Track Delayed / Not Started <br />Ѝ ƦƩƚƆĻĭƷƭ <br />ЊА ƦƩƚƆĻĭƷƭЉ ƦƩƚƆĻĭƷƭ <br />ΛЊВ іΜ <br />ΛБЊіΜ ΛЉіΜ <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Overall Status of Strategic Plan Actions <br />