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Schedule-164 <br /> <br />corner and <br />. <br /> of Election Day. <br />1 metre and height of 0.9 metres <br /> and held for 30 days before being recycled. The owner or <br />removed within 72 hours <br />, including the road allowances on streets or within City parks or greenspaces within <br />removed without notice <br /> to place an election sign on private property. <br /> of Election Day and shall be <br />The maximum width of this type of is <br />However the sign must comply with the provisions of the by-law that relate to structure, location, <br /> <br />City of Kitchener Municipal Code section 680.9: Election Signs <br /> <br /> diagram. <br />erected within 45 days <br />not permitted on any City property <br />zone with respect to structure, location, dimensions, and sign characteristics. <br /> Signs typically known as If you wish to use a sign greater than 1 metre by 0.9 metre the sign shall comply with the corresponding regulations for signs in each <br />consent of a property owner is required <br />oo <br /> the jurisdiction of the City of Kitchener without the consent of the Clerk of the municipality. driveway visibility triangle candidate will be notified and there is a $25 administrative <br /> fee for the return of each confiscated sign. dimensions and sign characteristics, including the sections of the Chapter that are contained in this document. <br /> Election signs are The There are typically 2 types of signage used for campaign purposes: Election signs may be You must ensure that your signs do not negatively impact vehicular <br /> and pedestrian traffic. Please refer to the attached Any signs found in contravention of the by-law will be A permit is not required for election signs. <br />________________________________________________________________________________________ <br />