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BACKGROUND: <br />In November 2021,Council, unanimously passed a formally denouncing conversion practices <br />as practices as dangerous and harmful, perpetuating myths and stereotypes about sexual <br />orientation and gender identity and expression. Council further directed staff to continue to <br />monitor legislative developments at the federal and/or provincial orders of government pertaining <br />to conversion therapy, and in conjunction with any actions taken by them and our regional and <br />municipal partners locally, bring a report to Council outlining any further legislative and/or policy <br />actions which may be contemplated by the municipality to further prohibit conversion practices <br /> <br />th <br />Shortly after this motion was passed at Council, on December 8, 2021, the Canadian Federal <br />Government passed an Act to amend the Criminal Code. This enactment amends the Criminal <br />Code to, among other things, create the following offences: <br /> <br />(a) causing another person to undergo conversion therapy; <br />(b) doing anything for the purpose of removing a child from Canada with the intention that <br />the child undergo conversion therapy outside Canada; <br />(c) promoting or advertising conversion therapy; and <br />(d) receiving a financial or other material benefit from the provision of conversion therapy. <br /> <br />It also amends the Criminal Code to authorize courts to order that advertisements for <br />conversion therapy be disposed of or deleted. <br /> <br />Although the amendments made to the Criminal Code bring much-needed additional protections <br />to include prohibitive policies at the municipal level in order to send a clear message of support <br />for the Federal law, continue to deter groups or individuals from using municipal facilities for the <br />hosting or promoting of conversion practices, and most importantly, demonstrate to the queer <br />and trans community that conversion practices have no place in the city of Kitchener. <br /> <br />REPORT: <br />In accordance with the motion passed in November 2021, staff have been working in <br />collaboration with members of No Conversion Canada on policy amendments to areas within <br />Municipal jurisdiction where provisions outlining the prohibition of Conversion Practices can be <br />meaningfully added. In the case of the City of Kitchener, areas of focus include: <br /> <br /> Use of Municipal facilities <br /> Advertising and promoting events within Municipal facilities <br /> Municipal sponsorship <br /> Disbursement of funds through Municipal community grants <br /> <br />Outlined below are the recommended amendments to the accompanying municipal policies. For <br />each policy, it is recommended that the definition of Conversion Practices be added to the <br />definition section of the policy along with a statement prohibiting conversion practices in the <br />appropriate section of the policy. The recommended wording for the amendments were derived <br />from two sources: 1) a sample municipal policy drafted by members of No Conversion Canada <br />in order to assist Municipalities with policy amendments, and 2) the Canadian Criminal Code <br />outlining the prohibition of Conversion Therapy. All amendments below are written in red. <br /> <br />