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<br />POLICY Policy No: GOV-COR-2033 <br /> <br />Approval Date: June 20, 2022 <br />Policy Title: Equity & Anti-Racism <br />Advisory Committee – <br />Reviewed Date: June 2022 <br />Terms of Reference <br />Next Review Date: Click here to enter <br />Policy Type: COUNCIL <br />text. <br />Reviewed Date: June 2022 <br />Category: Governance <br />Sub-Category: Board & Committee <br />Last Amended: Click here to enter a <br />date. <br />Author: Senior Anti-Racism Advisor <br />Replaces: Click here to enter text. <br /> <br />Dept/Div: Equity, Anti-Racism & <br />Repealed: Click here to enter a date. <br />Indigenous Initiatives <br />Replaced by: Click here to enter text. <br />Related Policies, Procedures and/or Guidelines: <br />GOV-COR-2025 Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism Policy <br />GOV-COU-005 Code of Conduct for Members of Council, Local Boards & Advisory <br />Committees <br /> <br />1. POLICY PURPOSE: <br /> <br />1.1 Mandate and Scope <br /> <br />The Equity and Anti-Racism Advisory Committee fulfils an advisory role, providing <br />advice and recommendations to Kitchener City Council on matters related to equity <br />and anti-racism to support and further the City of Kitchener’s strategic directions. <br /> <br />The committee also ensures ongoing grassroots community involvement as work <br />related to equity and anti-racism continues to be developed and implemented at <br />the City, and thus provides a mechanism of community accountability. The aim of <br />this committee is to create space that allows for sharing and actioning of concerns <br />that impact under-represented communities in Kitchener. <br /> <br />2. DEFINITIONS: <br /> 1 of 5 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />