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REPORT: <br />2022 Business Plan - Overall Status <br />The 2022 Business Plan comprises 12 strategic actions and 24 business plan projects. Of these <br />36 projects, 24 were planned to be completed in 2022; of which 6 have been completed, 11 are <br />on track for completion later this year, and 7 are delayed at this time. <br />Strategic Actions and Business Plan Projects scheduled for completion in 2022 <br /> Completed On Track Delayed <br /> <br /> <br />6 <br />11 <br />7 <br />projects <br />projects <br /> projects <br />(25%) <br />(46%) <br />(29%) <br />Overall Status of Strategic Plan Actions <br />As illustrated in the following visual,16 of the 25 actions in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan are <br />complete as of August 31, 2022. Three actions were completed earlier in 2022 (and reported in <br />April). Additionally, 4 more actions were planned for completion this year. <br />Of these 4, one remains on track for 2022 completion: Set and Communicate Service Levels, <br />while 3 are experiencing delays and are now planned for completion next year: <br /> Bikeshare program <br /> Pedestrian-first streets (Gaukel Street component) <br /> City-owned property review/property brought to market <br />Staff remain committed to deliver on all remaining 9 actions in the current Strategic Plan by 2023. <br />