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3.2 2022 Business Plan Year -End Progress Report and Recommended 2023 7 <br />Business Plan Project List, CAO -2023-020 <br />3.3 2023 Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee (GRAAC) 30 <br />Appointments., CSD -2023-003 <br />4. Delegations <br />Pursuant to Council's Procedural By-law, delegations are permitted to address <br />the Committee for a maximum of five (5) minutes. All Delegations where <br />possible are encouraged to register prior to the start of the meeting. For <br />Delegates who are attending in-person, registration is permitted up to the start <br />of the meeting. Delegates who are interested in attending virtually must register <br />by 12:oo p.m. on January 9, 2023, in order to participate electronically. <br />4.1 Item 6.2 - Kristin Barisdale, GSP Group <br />5. Discussion Items <br />5.1 None. <br />6. Public Hearing Matters under the Planning Act (advertised) <br />This is a formal public meeting to consider applications under the Planning Act. <br />If a person or public body does not make oral or written submissions to the City <br />of Kitchener before the proposed applications are considered, the person or <br />public body may not be entitled to appeal the decision to the Ontario Land <br />Tribunal and may not be added as a party to a hearing of an appeal before the <br />Ontario Land Tribunal. <br />6.1 Zoning By-law Amendment ZBA22/022/N/TS, 20 m 32 <br />525 New Dundee Road, DSD -2023-015 <br />(Staff will provide a 5 minute presentation on this matter.) <br />6.2 Official Plan Amendment OP17/003/F/GS, 120 m 59 <br />Zoning By-law Amendment ZC17/010/F/GS, <br />Henry Walser Funeral Home Ltd., DSD -2022- <br />478 <br />(Staff will provide a 5 minute presentation on this matter.) <br />7. Information Items <br />7.1 Planning Services' Customer Experience and Project Management Team 287 <br />Update, DSD -2022-416 <br />8. Adjournment <br />Mariah Blake <br />Committee Administrator <br />Page 2 of 291 <br />