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Date:February 2, 2023 <br />To:Climate Change and Environment Committee <br />From: Gaurang Khandelwal, Planner (Policy) <br />Subject: Tree Conservation Processes Review <br />On January 10, 2022 staff presented report INS-2022-002 Tree Canopy Target for Kitchener to Council <br />recommending approval of a tree canopy target of 30 percent for each ward by 2050 and an overall City- <br />wide tree canopy target of 33 percent by 2070. <br />Council considered the matter approving staff’s recommendation and further directing staff to initiate a <br />review of existing tree conservation processes in the City with an intention to extend and strengthen tree <br />conservation measures, including: <br />a review of the existing bylaws and processes, including the Kitchener Tree Bylaw and the <br />Kitchener Tree Conservation Bylaw; <br />a review of requirements for tree planting contained within the Development Manual; <br />a review of the Tree Management Policy and any relevant policies as required; and, <br />a jurisdictional scan of other municipal tree conservation processes, policies and bylaws. <br />Tree Conservation Processes Review - Status Update <br />Staff has initiated a tree conservation processes review, as directed by Council. The scope of the project <br />includes: <br />Stage 1 – Project Initiation (completed) <br />Stage 2 – Data Collection (completed) <br />Stage 3 – Background Review (ongoing) <br />o Review of existing policy framework (completed) <br />Tree conservation on public properties <br />Tree conservation on private properties <br />Tree management and conservation through the development review process <br />o Review of other jurisdictions (ongoing) <br />Desktop research (completed) <br />Engagement with municipalities (ongoing) <br />Stage 4 – Project Update Report to Council (April 2023) <br />The focus currently is on review of existing relevant policies and bylaws in Kitchener as well as other <br />jurisdictions and reporting back to Council with findings. Updates and improvements (if any) to the current <br />tree conservation processes is anticipated to follow the April report to Council pending Council’s direction. <br />Next Steps <br />Engagement with municipalities is expected to continue through the end of February 2023. The committee <br />can expect another update upon completion of the background review with an opportunity to review the <br />findings and provide feedback to staff. <br />2 - 1 <br />