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FACILITY <br /> Chapter 273 <br /> PARK DEDICATION <br /> Article I <br /> DEVELOPMENT OR REDEVELOPMENT <br /> 273.1.1 Commercial-other development <br /> 273.1.2 Residential purposes-alternative <br /> 273.1.3 Payment in lieu of land <br /> 273.1.4 Exception-Downtown Kitchener Community Area <br /> Article 2 <br /> REPEAL <br /> 273.2.1 By-law-previous <br /> WHEREAS the Planning Act,R.S.O. 1990,provides that as a condition of <br /> development or redevelopment of land,the Council of a local municipal- <br /> ity may require land in an amount not exceeding,in the case of land pro- <br /> posed for development or redevelopment for commercial or industrial <br /> purposes, two percent and for all other cases five percent of the land be <br /> conveyed to the City for park or other public recreational purposes; <br /> AND WHEREAS the Act also permits an alternative requirement with re- <br /> spect to land for residential purposes,of dedication at a rate of one hectare <br /> for each 300 dwelling units proposed subject to specific policies with re- <br /> spect thereto being set forth in the City's Official Plan; <br /> AND WHEREAS the Act also permits the Council of a local municipality <br /> to require the payment of money to the value of land in lieu of the convey- <br /> ance of land. <br /> KITCHENER 273.1 JUNE 2008 <br />