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PROTECTION <br /> Chapter 733 <br /> FIRE DEPARTMENT <br /> REGIONAL MUTUAL AID <br /> Article 1 <br /> RECIPROCAL AID <br /> 733.1.1 City limits - authority- to leave <br /> Article 1 <br /> RECIPROCAL AID <br /> 733.1.1 City limits-authority-to leave <br /> That the City Fire Department be authorized to leave the limits ofthe munici- <br /> pality or fire area,at the discretion of the Chief and under the direction of the <br /> Fire Co-ordinator for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo to respond to <br /> calls for assistance from other municipal Fire Departments authorized to <br /> participate in the Regional Mutual Aid System or any other Regional Mutual <br /> Aid System on a reciprocal aid basis.By-law 87-216,14 September,1987. <br /> KITCHENER 733.1 NOVEMBER 1988 <br />