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STREET <br /> Chapter 810 <br /> BELL CANADA <br /> Article I <br /> TELEGRAPH - TELEPHONE LINES <br /> 810.1.1 Consent- line-heretofore constructed <br /> 810.1.2 Consent- construction - future <br /> 810.1.3 Consent- lands not yet dedicated to public use <br /> 810.1.4 Authorized representative- named <br /> Article 2 <br /> RELOCATION <br /> 810.2.1 Order- to do work- agreement- cost <br /> WHEREAS Bell Canada is empowered by its 1880 Special Act ofIncor- <br /> poration,43 Victoria, Chapter 67(Dom.),as amended, to construct,erect <br /> and maintain its telecommunication lines along the sides of and across or <br /> under any public highways,streets,bridges,water-courses,or other such <br /> places, or across or under any navigable waters either wholly in Canada <br /> or dividing Canada from any other country, subject to the terms therein <br /> set forth; <br /> AND WHEREAS Section 318. (3)the Railway Act,R.S. c. 234,provides <br /> that no telephone or telegraph line, within the legislative authority of the <br /> Parliament of Canada shall, except as thereinafter in such section pro- <br /> vided, be constructed by any company upon, along, across or under any <br /> highway, square or other public place, without the legal consent of the <br /> municipality having jurisdiction over such highway, square or public <br /> place; <br /> KITCHENER 810.1 JANUARY 2002 <br />