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COUNCIL <br /> Chapter 15 <br /> CONFLICT OF INTEREST INSURANCE <br /> Article 1 <br /> APPLICATION <br /> 15.1.1 Elected- appointed- members - Schedule `A' <br /> 15.1.2 Former members - continuance of coverage <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> Schedule`A' -Elected-appointed-members <br /> Article 1 <br /> APPLICATION <br /> 15.1.1 Elected-appointed-members-Schedule `A' <br /> The Deputy CAO,Finance and Corporate Services/City Treasurer is hereby <br /> authorized to contract for insurance to protect the elected and appointed <br /> members of the bodies listed in Schedule`A'hereto attached who have been <br /> found not to have contravened section 5 oftheMunicipal Conflict oflnterest <br /> Pict,R.S.O. 1990,c.M.50 or any successor thereof,against any costs or ex- <br /> penses incurred by the member as a result of a proceeding brought under the <br /> said Act,and for paying on behalf of or reimbursing the member for any such <br /> costs or expenses.By-law 88-94,24 May, 1988;By-law 97-154, 14 Octo- <br /> ber, 1997;By-law 2011-047,28 March,2011. <br /> 15.1.2 Former members-continuance of coverage <br /> The insurance purchased pursuant to Section 15.1.1 hereof shall apply to a <br /> person who was a member at the time the circumstances giving rise to the <br /> proceeding occurred but who,prior to the judgement in the proceeding,has <br /> ceased to be a member.By-law 88-94,24 May, 1988. <br /> KITCHENER 15.1 APRIL 2011 <br />