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Decision of the Committee <br />The Committee may give a decision on <br />the day of the hearing. Alternatively, <br />the Committee may need to provide its <br />decision at a later date. <br />A copy of the Committee's written <br />decision will be sent to you by <br />- registered mail. <br />- You will also be told the date of the - <br />- Council meeting when consideration will <br />be given to the Committee's decision. <br />The decision will only become final <br />when it is ratified (approved) by City <br />Council. <br />9E �M\' M <br />0 <br />After the Hearing <br />Once a dog designation is final, you are <br />expected to comply with the conditions. <br />If you have any questions about the <br />conditions or they require approval, ask <br />the Animal Protection Officer who <br />issued your designation. <br />- Where conditions are not complied <br />- with, charges may be laid, or your dog <br />- designation may be escalated. (Ex. A <br />- Dangerous Dog could be designated as <br />Prohibited) <br />Accommodations & Interpreters <br />The appeal hearing is usually held in <br />Council Chambers on the 2"d floor of <br />Kitchener City Hall. <br />The City of Kitchener is committed <br />to offering services to accommodate <br />persons of all abilities. <br />Our hearing locations are fully <br />accessible. If you require <br />communication support (translation <br />services, assistive audio devices or <br />any other accessibility or inclusion <br />assistance), please contact the <br />Committee Administrator at 519- <br />741-2200 x7275 as soon as possible. <br />City of Kitchener <br />Legislated Services <br />200 King Street fest <br />Kitchener, ON <br />N2G 4G7 <br />Phone: 519-741-2200 x7278 <br />Kin R <br />Kin R <br />GUIDE TO DOG DESIGNATION <br />APPEAL HEARINGS <br />This pamphlet provides general information about <br />appeal hearings under the Dog Designations By- <br />law. This pamphlet does not provide legal advice. <br />Right to Appeal <br />After your dog has been designated <br />you have the right to request an <br />appeal hearing within 5 business days <br />of receiving your designation. <br />A Hearing will be scheduled for you <br />(the Appellant) to appear before the <br />Dog Designation Appeal Committee. <br />The Dog Designation Appeal <br />Committee (the "Committee") is <br />usually made up of two City <br />Councillors and one member of the <br />[Kitchener -Waterloo Kennel Club]. <br />The Committee will listen to the <br />testimony and evidence provided <br />during the appeal hearing and make a <br />recommendation to City Council <br />regarding the designation. <br />