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REPORT TO:Finance & Corporate Services Committee <br />DATE OF MEETING: <br />December 10, 2012 <br />SUBMITTED BY: R. Gosse, Director of Legislated Services/City Clerk <br />PREPARED BY: <br />R. Gosse - 2809 <br />WARD(S) INVOLVED: n/a <br />DATE OF REPORT: November 2, 2012 <br />REPORT NO.: <br />FCS-12-191 <br />SUBJECT: <br />ALTERNATIVE VOTING – INTERNET VOTING <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />For information and discussion. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br />This report looks at the use of internet voting and attempts to answer the question of whether or <br />not internet voting should be introduced as a voting option for the 2014 elections. Staff is of the <br />opinion that it should not be introduced in 2014 based on several factors outlined in greater <br />detail in this report such as: <br /> Security of an internet voting system; <br /> Data that suggests it does not increase voter turnout and in particular, younger voters; <br /> Does not meet all of the principles of a democratic voting process; <br /> Cost; <br /> The lack of overarching guidelines especially in the area of voting system security and, <br /> The absence of a Canadian legal challenge to this voting method. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />In June 2011, Council directed staff to report back in 2012 on alternative voting methods and in <br />particular, internet voting and the option of implementing this type of voting for the 2014 <br />municipal elections. This report will focus mainly on internet voting being it is a completely new <br />method of voting for the City of Kitchener. <br />REPORT: <br />Internet voting is becoming more prevalent within Ontario and other jurisdictions across Canada <br />and around the World. It is a voting method that allows a voter to submit a digital ballot over the <br />public Internet utilizing a web browser or application through a PC, tablet or smart phone. This <br />voting method provides a great deal of convenience by allowing voters with internet access to <br />vote from any location at any time during the voting period. It is also provides access to the <br />voting process for many voters with a disability. <br />Despite the apparent conveniences of internet voting, there are risks involved. It is critical that <br />elections are conducted with utmost integrity and in compliance with democratic principles. In <br />ë ó ï <br />