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COUNCIL POLICY RESOLUTION <br />POLICY NUMBER: I- DATE: MAY 21, 2014 <br />POLICY TYPE: FACILITY <br />SUBJECT: COMMUNITY FLAG RAISINGS & FLAG PROTOCOL <br />POLICY CONTENT: <br />1. PURPOSE AND SCOPE <br />The Community Flag Raisings & Flag Protocol Policy establishes a framework to <br />govern requests for flag raisings received from the community, and to establish a <br />consistent protocol for the flying of flags at all municipal buildings, properties, and <br />facilities. <br />This Policy applies to Community Flag Raisings held at Kitchener City Hall and at <br />Speaker's Corner, and to the flying of flags at any municipal building, property, or <br />facilities. <br />2. BACKGROUND <br />Kitchener recognizes that flags, as symbols of nations, territories and community <br />organizations, are important to residents of Kitchener. As a matter of practice, <br />Kitchener has in the past used special flag raisings to enhance public awareness of <br />activities such as national/independence days, multicultural events, fundraising drives, <br />and historical commemorations important to residents. To celebrate Kitchener's <br />diversity and inclusivity, the City of Kitchener will permit the flying on a community flag <br />pole the flag of a nation recognized by Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade <br />and Development on its national day if requested by a community cultural group; an <br />organization that achieved national or international distinction or made a significant <br />contribution to the community; or an organization that has helped to enhance the City <br />of Kitchener in a positive manner. Kitchener has also flown flags at half -mast to mark <br />periods of official mourning or commemorate solemn occasions important to its' <br />residents. <br />3. DEFINITIONS <br />A) "Clerk" means the Clerk appointed by the Kitchener Council, or his /her designate. <br />"Chief Administrative Officer /CAO" means the Chief Administrative Officer <br />appointed by the Kitchener Council, or his /her designate. "Mayor" means the <br />elected Mayor of the City of Kitchener, or the Acting Mayor, as approved by bylaw, <br />in his /her absence. <br />KITCHENER Page 1 of 8 M6Y 014 1 <br />