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FINANCIAL <br /> Chapter 398 <br /> TAX - MONTHLY INSTALMENT <br /> PAYMENT OF REAL PROPERTY TAXES <br /> Article 1 <br /> PAYMENT <br /> 398.1.1 Twelve Instalments <br /> 398.1.3 Annual <br /> Article 1 <br /> PAYMENT <br /> 398.1.1 Twelve Instalments <br /> All real property taxes payable to the City and levied in any year may be paid <br /> in twelve(12)monthly instalments during the year in accordance with a no- <br /> tice given pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Pict. <br /> 398.1.2 Bank-main branch <br /> All real property taxes paid in accordance with Section 398.1.1 hereof shall <br /> be paid into the City's Account at the Kitchener Main Branch of the City's <br /> Banker. <br /> 398.1.3 Annual <br /> Any taxpayer taking advantage of the instalment payment plan outlined <br /> above, shall be liable to pay an annual service charge as determined by <br /> Council from time to time in addition to the said taxes and any other applica- <br /> ble interest or penalty. By-law 88-35, 8 February, 1988. <br /> KITCHENER 398.1 NOVEMBER 1988 <br />