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<br />REPORT TO: Community & Infrastructure Services Committee <br />DATE OF MEETING: September 12, 2016 <br />SUBMITTED BY: Cynthia Fletcher, Interim Executive Director INS <br />Justin Readman, Interim Executive Director - INS <br />PREPARED BY: Lynda Stewart, Interim Manager, Facilities Management <br />519-741-2600 X 4215 <br />WARD(S) INVOLVED: All <br />DATE OF REPORT: August 1, 2016 <br />REPORT NO.: INS-16-066 <br />SUBJECT: CITY HALL OUTDOOR SPACES MASTER PLAN <br />___________________________________________________________________________ <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />That the City Hall Outdoor Spaces Master Plan dated September 2016 be <br />received; and <br />That the redevelopment of City Hall outdoor spaces to address critical <br />infrastructure repairs (e.g., surface concrete, trench drains, parking garage <br />structure and underlying membrane) which are reaching the end of their life cycle <br />and represent health, safety and accessibility deficiencies be considered the first <br />priority; and <br />That Council select one of the options below to be included in the funding and <br />implementation strategy, recognizing there are cost and design efficiencies to <br />complete this work concurrently with critical infrastructure replacements: <br />1. Do not add any additional options as part of the critical infrastructure <br />repair program; <br />2. Replace ice rink and fountain; or <br />3.Replace ice rink, fountain and stage <br />That all remaining infrastructure and functionality improvements, such as <br />upgraded site lighting, landscaping and shade infrastructure, be deferred subject <br />to funding availability; and <br />That staff be directed to develop a multi-year funding and implementation <br />strategy, including capital and operating funding requirements, recognizing that <br />*** This information is available in accessible formats upon request. *** <br />Please call 519-741-2345 or TTY 1-866-969-9994 for assistance. <br />8 - 1 <br /> <br />