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1 THE CITY OF KITCHENER Kitchener City Hall <br />COMMITTEE OF ADJUSTMENT 200 King St <br />NOTICE OF HEARING Box 1118 <br />n Kitchener ON N2G 4G7 <br />KITC HENF �! Pursuant to the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P. 13, 519-741-2200 ext. 7594 <br />As amended and Ontario Regulations 197/96 and 200/96, as amended. holly. <br />TAKE NOTICE THAT the Committee of Adjustment for the City of Kitchener will meet on TUESDAY, <br />May 15, 2018, commencing at 10:00 a.m., in the Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, Kitchener City Hall, <br />200 King Street West, Kitchener for the purpose of hearing the following applications for Minor <br />Variance and/or Consent. Applicants must attend this meeting in person or by agent or solicitor. You <br />have received this notice pertaining to the application number referenced on the front of your <br />envelope as a courtesy. Anyone having an interest in any of these applications may attend this <br />meeting. Please note this meeting is open to the public and may be recorded. <br />Copies of written submissions and public agencies' comments are available on Friday afternoon prior <br />to the meeting on the City of Kitchener website Comments will be available using <br />the calendar of events, see the meeting date for more details. <br />APPLICATIONS FOR MINOR VARIANCE AND / OR CONSENT PURSUANT TO THE PLANNING ACT <br />A 2018-043 - 51 Chestnut Street <br />Permission to legalize an existing duplex having exterior stairs located 0.392m from the side lot line <br />abutting Luella Street rather than the required 3m. <br />A 2018-044 - 1275 Bleams Road <br />Permission to expand the existing Religious Institution use by 17% whereas the By-law (Special Use <br />Provision 351U) only permits the use to occupy the Gross Floor Area (GFA) that existed on or before <br />October 28, 2013. The Religious Institution use will continue to occupy 100% of the building. <br />A 2018-045 - 46 Paige Street <br />Permission for a single detached dwelling under construction to have a building height of 11.5m rather than <br />the maximum permitted height of 10.5m. <br />A 2018-046 - 671 Glasgow Street, Unit 7 <br />Permission to construct a covered outdoor living space in the rear yard, which under the Zoning By-law is <br />defined as a side yard, having a side yard setback of 2.42m rather than the required 7.62m. <br />A 2018-047 - 1402-1430 Highland Road West <br />Permission to reduce the required parking rate for a multi -residential development from 1.5 spaces per unit <br />to 1.5 spaces for the first 36 dwelling units and 1.0 spaces per unit thereafter; and, to provide 10% off- <br />street visitor parking spaces rather than the required 20%. <br />A 2018-048 - 624 King Street West <br />Permission to construct a 6 -storey multi -residential building having 71 -units with 49 off-street parking <br />spaces (0.69 spaces/per unit) rather than the required 49 off-street parking spaces (1 space/per unit). <br />A 2018-049 - 268 Frederick Street <br />Permission to construct an attached 3 -car garage with rooftop amenity space on an existing <br />commercial/residential dwelling having a rear yard setback of 4m rather than the required 7.5m; an easterly <br />side yard setback of 0.77m rather than the required 1.2m; the required off-street parking spaces to be <br />located 0.87m from Pequegnat Avenue rather than the required 6m; and, to have 4 of the required 5 off- <br />street parking spaces for the office and dwelling unit to be located in tandem to the garage whereas the By- <br />law does not permit tandem parking. <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />