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Staff Report <br />I rTc'.�► t .R Community Services Department <br />REPORT TO: <br />Council <br />DATE OF MEETING: <br />March 20, 2017 <br />SUBMITTED BY: <br />Alain Pinard, Director of Planning <br />PREPARED BY: <br />Janine Oosterveld, Manager, Site Development & Customer <br />Service 519-741-2200 ext. 7076 <br />WARD(S) INVOLVED: <br />3, 8, 9 and 10 <br />DATE OF REPORT: <br />March 13, 2017 <br />REPORT NO.: <br />CSD -17-032 <br />SUBJECT: <br />Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods <br />Study (RIENS) —Addendum Report to CSD -17-009 <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />That the recommendations attached as Appendix `A' of Community Services Department <br />report CSD -17-009 be approved as supported by the Residential Intensification in <br />Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS) Final Report prepared by Meridian Planning <br />Consultants dated February 13, 2017, and further <br />That additional flexibility be explored for building height and front yard setback rules <br />through the Comprehensive Review of the Zoning Bylaw (CRoZBy). <br />REPORT: <br />On March 6, 2017, the Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS) <br />Final Report and Recommendations (CSD -17-009) was presented to Planning and Strategic <br />Initiatives Committee. A motion was passed to defer decision until March 20, 2017 with a <br />request for additional information regarding the zoning rules proposed for building height and <br />front yard setbacks. Additionally at that meeting, a number of questions were raised regarding <br />the scope of the Site Plan pilot project. This report provides additional information on these <br />topics. <br />This report references the Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study: <br />Final Report (attached to staff report CSD -17-009 as Appendix `B' and referred to in this report <br />as the "Final Report"). <br />1. Front Yard Setback <br />Final Report recommendation 1A: Require new construction to generally be located a <br />distance from the street that is in line with existing dwellings. <br />