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COUNCIL MINUTES <br />JUNE 1, 2015 CITY OF KITCHENER <br />The Council of the City of Kitchener met this date with all members present. <br />1. COMMENCEMENT — <br />The meeting began with the singing of "0 Canada ". <br />On motion by Councillor B. loannidis, the minutes of the regular meeting held May 11, 2015, as <br />mailed to the Mayor and Councillors, were accepted. <br />3. DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST AND THE GENERAL NATURE THEREOF — <br />Councillor S. Davey declared a pecuniary interest regarding the listing of 1333 King Street East on <br />the Municipal Heritage Register (MHR), Clause 5 of the Heritage Kitchener report, as he has retained <br />the same planner as the owner of the subject property; accordingly, he did not take part in any <br />discussion or voting regarding this matter. <br />4. COMMUNICATIONS REFERRED TO FILE — NIL <br />5. PRESENTATIONS — NIL <br />6. DELEGATIONS — <br />6.a. 2015 Summer Lights Festival <br />Ms. Charlene Le Duc, Festival Director, addressed Council regarding the 2015 Summer Lights <br />Festival being held on June 20, 2015 from 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. in Downtown Kitchener. She noted <br />over 15,000 people attended the 2014 Festival and encouraged members of Council to participate in the <br />2015 event. <br />6.b. Municipal Heritage Register <br />Ms. M. Drake, Heritage Planner, gave a presentation reviewing the Municipal Heritage Register <br />(MHR) listing process, advising to -date Council has listed 189 properties as non - designated <br />properties of cultural heritage value or interest. She stated, as outlined in Clauses 2 -8 of the Heritage <br />Kitchener report, an additional 28 properties are being recommended for listing on the MHR. <br />Responding to questions, she acknowledged it may be appropriate to defer consideration of listing <br />101 Glasgow Street / 149 Strange Street, 2481 Kingsway Drive and 535 Park Street to provide <br />additional time for staff to meet with the property owners. Speaking to 111 Ahrens Street West (Krug <br />Furniture Factory), she indicated while staff has made several attempts, they have not had the <br />opportunity to meet with the property owner. Accordingly, staff would also support a deferral for this <br />property. She expressed a preference for an open -ended deferral to avoid placing any potential <br />constraints on the discussions with the property owners. <br />Mayor B. Vrbanovic advised Kirpal Kanwal withdrew his request to address Council as a delegation <br />regarding the listing of 535 Park Street on the MHR. <br />Mr. Slavko Miladinovic addressed Council in support of the owners who are in opposition to having their <br />properties listed on the MHR. He acknowledged that while he values heritage properties, owners should <br />have the right to determine what happens to their individual properties. He suggested if the City were to <br />achieve a budget surplus, funds could be expended to purchase the identified heritage properties as a <br />means of public preservation. <br />Mr. Victor Labreche, Labreche Patterson and Associates Inc., appeared on behalf of the property <br />owner of 1333 King Street East, who is opposed to having it listed on the MHR. He suggested that as <br />the building was constructed in 1955 it is not unique, estimating that the majority of residential homes <br />in the City are of a similar age or older. <br />Ms. Kae Elgie, President, Architectural Conservancy Ontario -North Waterloo Region Branch, gave a <br />presentation in support of the listing process and encouraged Council to add the 28 properties being <br />recommended by Heritage Kitchener. <br />