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KTc�aR <br />DECLARATION OF INTEREST <br />Municipal Conflict of Interest Act <br />Mayor/Councillor/Committee Member Name: <br />Date of Meeting: 2-7 <br />2-01 9 <br />Item Title: �ja� <br />Report Number (if applicable): <br />(*Please circle the appropriate variable) <br />X5,0 _ I9- Cq I <br />I, Mayor/ Councillor /committee* member l � <br />declare that I believe that I have a direct / indirect* pecuniary inferest as <br />defined in the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act related to the above <br />topic/item found on the Council/Committee agenda for the following <br />reason: <br />- - 4L -...CSS.-. ' I t1 l !. e �� �� Tst <br />, iVAN l lux" I SSC Linn r.►... , 4,,: -p at La 1 / / 2-0 / � <br />Mayor/Councillor/Committee Member Signature: <br />Date of Declaration: �'' r' <br />FOR OFFICE USE <br />Gate received: � v 0 / Received by: ' <br />Date entered into registry: 1'&Y\e- -71 a019. Registry updated by: <br />